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General Information

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bullet.GIF (983 bytes) Complete Precision Machining and Processing
bullet.GIF (983 bytes) Virtual Gibbs CAD/CAM System
bullet.GIF (983 bytes) Fully Integrated SPC Procedures
bullet.GIF (983 bytes) Diverse Network of Specialized Services: Process Coatings, Heat Treating, Centerless Grinding, EDM, Broaching and Gear Cutting, Sheet Metal, Honing, Swiss Machining, Laser Cutting
bullet.GIF (983 bytes) 25 Years Experience Serving: Commercial, Aerospace/Aviation, Computer, Medical, Automotive, and Communications Industries
bullet.GIF (983 bytes) Approved MIL - I - 45208A and MIL - STD - 45662A, U.S. Government CAGE Code 2V049
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